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SPB Gems / SPB Creations takes great pride in providing excellence in our customer service and satisfaction.

We offer the highest quality merchandise, at the most competitive prices, providing dramatic savings to our valued customers.

A key industry leader, SPB Gems / SPB Creations is affiliated with many vital professional trade associations including the Jewelers Board of Trade, American Gem Trade Association, Indian Diamond and Colored Stone Association and the Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America, helping to create and maintain high industry standards.

We specialize in a full spectrum of richly colored precious and semi-precious gemstones and beautifully cut diamonds.

We source our rough stones directly from mines worldwide, offering out customers quality at an unmatched price. Each gemstone is cut in one of our facilities utilizing SPB’s high standard of excellence in color, cut, polish and brilliancy.

We offer specialized cutting services to exact client specifications as well as a wide range of calibrated gemstones in unique shapes and sizes. From faceted gemstones, cabochons and briolettes to our large array of smooth and faceted beads, SPB Gems / SPB Creations is the leading supplier in better to fine quality gemstones.

Our extensive inventory covers a wide range of colored gemstones in a full spectrum of cuts from round and ovals, to emerald cuts, pear shapes, marquises, trillions, rectangles, cushion cuts, squares, and fancy cuts.

If you need a perfectly matched pair, a calibrated layout, a custom cut stone or bulk orders filled… we are your source for true value.

We thank you for your business and appreciate your trust and confidence in us. We stand behind our commitment to deal fairly, sell honestly and service promptly and efficiently.

SPB Gems / SPB Creations a name you can trust!